Thursday, 31 March 2016

[Poker] March 2016 Review

March 2016, in terms of personal satisfaction, was probably the worst poker month I've had, definitely in my PLO time. There are several reasons for this, the main one disappointly being the most obvious - I just haven't played all that well. Below is my graph for March 2016, playing about 9000 hands of PLO2 Zoom, and about 1000 of PLO2.
There are a few reasons I think I underperformed so much this month. The first one being that I went back home to Liverpool for about a week, which killed my rhythm as I had a lot less time to play. The second being that I was trying to adapt to playing twice the amount of hands I was previously, which gave me half the thinking time I had previously, and I ended up losing a lot of money making elaborate bluffs that didn't really make sense, and I usually realise quite quickly in post review that they didn't make sense. I could use the bad variance as a factor for doing so poorly, but my EV graph isn't exactly good either, so I don't think thats valid. Going through the goals individually (which were discussed in the earlier post, Goals for March 2016);

1) I did not make profit this month. Rakeback softened the blow so I didn't lose quite as much as the graph suggests, but the goal was profit and I didn't achieve that. However, I disagree that profit should be a goal here in hindsight, +EV should be the goal, but I failed that too. 

2) This is a more interesting one. Again, I failed in making profit, however I definitely feel I adapted towards the end to playing two tables. At about 4k hands I felt very comfortable with it. However, I went on a bit of a downswing and I don't think I ever completely recovered from it in terms of my mental game, and my decision making speed suffered, and I began to almost unadapt. 

3) I half succeeded with this, in the sense I've read half of both. I may have been slightly optimistic with me reading two books, playing regularly, going and spending time with family and also doing all of my university work, of which there's a huge amount at the moment as I come up to exam period.

4) I feel this was successful, I'm now quite comfortable with both PJ and PT, and both are utterly fantastic. I remember when reading about PT I saw people saying the HUD was the least valuable part of it, which I found strange because it was the primary reason I bought it. I now 100% agree with this statement, it is fantastic software for post session review. PokerJuice I can see being the best investment I've ever made. I'll talk more about these in another post.

5) Funnily enough, I actually did this, which is quite ironic considering its the one I was convinced I wouldn't do, and it ended up being one of the few I did.

6) With rakeback, I'm still fairly well rolled at about 25BI. Not ideal, but it'll do for now. 

There are some important messages I need to take from this month, the main one being that playing sporadically whenever I have time is not profitable for me. I need a schedule to follow, with both time for play and review. I need to strictly timetable my playing, or I won't succeed. I also need to devote more time to review than I currently am, as the past couple of weeks I've hardly had any poker time and it was review that lost out, I just really wanted to play. I need to plan for lost time and reduce both evenly as oppose to just fucking off my review time and grinding. 

Okay, so that's the negative bit done. I have two more posts to write today, both of which should be really positive and optimistic.

Hopefully see you next time! Seacombe

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